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    Legend 4-in-1 Therapy

    This 4-in-1 therapy is a cost for value treatment, including foot and back* (neck, shoulder & back) treatments.

    • $6060min (40min foot + 20min back*)
    • $8590min (60min foot + 30min back*)
    • $105120min (90min foot + 30min back*)
  • services_lymphatic_massage

    Lymphatic Massage Therapy *NEW*

    Also known as lymphatic drainage, this specialized type of massage involves gentle pressure in rhythmic circular motion to simulate lymph flow and to detox the body of harmful waste and toxins. Try regular lymph massage for preventive health care and maintenance, especially if you are feeling sluggish, experiencing mild to moderate swellness, recovering from a sports injury or surgery, or interested in optimizing your lymph system for stronger immunity.

    • $8860min Lymphatic Massage Therapy
  • services_moxibustion

    Legend Moxibustion Wellness Treatment

    One of China’s most ancient art of healing, moxibustion is based on herbal physical therapy which has lasted for thousands of years. By using the Ai oil (or essential oils penetrate) to produce a comprehensive warm flow of qi in meridians or around the affected areas of the body, it helps to enhance vitality and blood circulation, promote greater health and well-being, and at the same time moisturize the skin.

    • $12860min Moxibustion Treatment
  • services_woman_02

    Legend Rejuvenation Special

    Whether deep tissue or relaxing strokes, our experienced therapists can customize each massage treatment to soothe aches and relieve muscle knots in your body using traditional Asian techniques.

    • $6560min Oriental Body Massage
    • $9090min Oriental Body Massage
    • $115120min Oriental Body Massage
  • services_oils_01

    Legend Couple Relaxation Special

    Couples Massage is a wonderful experience to share. This could be a romantic treat for you and someone special or a chance for you and your best friend to refresh yourselves after a long week of work.

    • $12060min Couple Oriental Body Massage
    • $17090min Couple Oriental Body Massage
    • $220120min Couple Oriental Body Massage
  • services_foot_02

    Legend Foot Bliss Special

    Great for general health improvement and stress relief, reflexology points on the feet are targeted to promote healing in other areas of the body and to induce overall relaxation.

    • $5560min Foot Reflexology
    • $25Each subsequent 30min

Thumbs Up for a Relaxing Spa Experience!

Professional massages at affordable prices, friendly staff and brand new facilities. The place is also conveniently located near other shops and cafes. Will recommend this place highly. ~ SHARON CHIA

Great value for a stress-relieving massage.

The therapist knew exactly how to apply the right pressure to the right spots on my tired aching body. I left the spa feeling rejuvenated! Thank you Legend Spa, will be back again! ~ MR LIM